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EV Market Intelligence — Will we see transformation of ground transport by 2030?

A white paper exploring forecasts that historic changes are coming fast in global auto sales, plug-in vehicles beating traditional engines, autonomous vehicles going mass market, and whether automated mobility services could be a bridge for adoption of new technology. Issues explored in the paper include: whether younger consumers will be likely to choose autonomous, electric, shared ride services over owning their own personal vehicles; and how electric vehicles are becoming more important to automakers and vehicle owners than cars and trucks powered by internal combustion engines. EVs and mobility services will be leading the way in traffic- and smog-congested cities, according to many regulators and policymakers. 

Sales figures have been showing a few trends, one of which is how important the US continues to be for Tesla’s sales. That could be changing with China becoming more significant and the European market is expected to be sizable for Tesla. 

This issue offers Green Auto Market’s analysis of significant industry data — and what is likely for the transformation of new vehicles globally in the near-term future. 


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