Earthgarage Certified Dealer program offers a way to reach greenest consumers

earth garageFor those of you reaching out to consumers (and fleets) with interest in “green” issues like air quality, fuel efficiency, recycling, and protecting natural resources, you may want to consider the Earthgarage Certified Dealer program. The Shelton Group, a market research firm, has reported that the greenest consumers make up 24% of Americans. They make for a very desirable target audience – affluent, early adopters, and the most brand-loyal segment. They prefer to purchase greener products from greener companies.

Green Automotive Alliance yesterday announced the Earthgarage Certified Dealerprogram, which helps independent repair shops and tire dealers service the environmentally-savvy driver – and provides them with a good opportunity to stand out in the marketplace. It’s a win-win for customers – selecting repair shops that have joined the Earthgarage Certified Dealer program can offer consumers a lineup of aftermarket parts and services that have a lower impact on the environment and save money on routine maintenance.

The program includes branding, marketing support, and staff training. “We’re changing the way drivers think about maintaining their car,” said Bob Inzitari, Store Manager at Karl Auto Service in Greenwich, Conn., “being green also means you can save money, too.”

Customers also have the option of choosing environmentally responsible products to service their vehicles. One of them is G-Oil, the first bio-based motor oil; it’s synthetic oil with carbon emissions two-thirds lower than conventional motor oil. Another aftermarket product being offered is the micoGreen oil filter that extends oil change intervals out to 30,000 miles; it comes with a patented filter technology that makes for cleaner, longer lasting oil.

Green Automotive Alliance recently revamped its website, The site offers pertinent information on products and resources that help motorists improve gas mileage, reduce emissions and lower the environmental impact of their vehicle.

The revised website also includes a store locator for participating Earthgarage Certified Dealers. “The Earthgarage Certified Dealer program allows independent shops to stand out in a crowded marketplace,” added Bob Leonard, CEO of Green Automotive Alliance, the marketing company that developed the program.

Check out the “Give Water a Brake!” campaign on the Earthgarage website, which seeks to ban copper in automotive brake pads. Every time a driver steps on the brake pedal while driving, copper in the form of brake dust is worn off the pads. This eventually winds up in the environment, contaminating our precious water resources. As Colors on Parade has discovered, choosing environmentally responsible standards and practices is paying off with customers and regulatory agencies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency. Regulatory compliance gets companies to save money by switching over from solvents to waterborne auto paints. Offering clean waterborne paint, and making the process more efficient than it had been in the past, is gaining a lot of traction, the company said. Consumers and fleets like to stay informed on these issues, so the Earthgarage Certified Dealer program may meet their financial goals and could be inspiring for many of them concerned about eliminating copper that wears off brake pads and damages the environment.

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