Green Auto Market – Extended Edition offers market data and analysis on this new and growing industry

Green Auto Market imageHere’s a summary of an article that was just published in Green Auto Market – Extended Edition………

Reaching more fleets and other stakeholders at clean transportation conferences
No doubt, ACT Expo 2014 was a success – with increased attendance and excellent keynote speakers and workshops. The challenge is reaching more fleets that need a lot more information, hands-on experience, and time with knowledgeable peers who can help them bring the right clean vehicles and fuels to their workplaces. Here are my thoughts on what could help events reach more stakeholders.

I invite you to take a look at another issue of the monthly subscription version of this newsletter – Green Auto Market – Extended Edition. This newsletter offers market data and analysis on this emerging global industry.

Topics/issues covered in Extended Edition include:

  • Monthly sales numbers for hybrids and electric vehicles.
  • ​Stock market performance on green transportation publicly traded companies.
  • Fuel prices on gasoline and diesel with comparisons to alternative fuels.
  • Infrastructure: US fueling and charging stations.
  • Government policies impacting the industry.
  • Introduction of car and truck offerings in EV, hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas, propane autogas, and other emerging alternative fuels and technologies.
  • Marketing campaigns that are reaching decision makers in consumer, business, and NPO segments.
  • Deployment of green vehicles and fueling/charging infrastructure networks.
  • Capital investments from public and private entities.
  • Developments in international marketplaces impacting clean transportation.
  • Smart transportation — including autonomous/driverless vehicles, telematics, carsharing, ridesharing, and connected cars.​

It’s $75 per year for a subscription. Got to this page for more information, and the PayPal subscription link.

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