For Today: Concept EQ A teaser sent out before Frankfurt, Mercedes-Benz supporting van rides for urban mobility

Concept EQ A in Frankfurt:  Mercedes-Benz has sent out a teaser photo of the Concept EQ A that will be revealed soon at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The teaser suggests that EQ A could be a crossover like the Generation EQ Concept show last year in Paris; it could be an electric sedan but most likely will be a small crossover or hatchback. It’s not going to roll out until 2020 or later as a production vehicle, and Mercedes-Benz is expected to reveal a few other electric EQ concept vehicles by that time. The company will also be showing a small autonomous concept car in Frankfurt called the Smart Vision EQ.

Merkel pressured to fund clean transportation:  German Chancellor Angela Merkel has committed to doubling funds dedicated to bringing clean transportation to urban spaces. It will double to 1 billon Europe ($1.19 billion) for the fund. As the national election approaches this month, Merkel has been heavily pressured to distance herself from auto executive ties. Critics also say Merkel put off dealing with the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal. On Monday, she met city mayors and regional leaders in a follow-up to a summit last month at which automakers agreed to fix 5.3 million diesel cars to cut emissions

Mercedes-Benz supporting van rides for urban mobility:  Mercedes-Benz is entering the ridesharing venue through a U.S. joint venture with Via, a startup company that supports smart public transportation. Mercedes-Benz Vans is investing $50 million in the company, and Daimler Mobility Services’ Volker Mornhinweg will be joining Via’s board of directors. Via passengers secure rides through a mobile app. Via’s algorithm finds a vehicle that best matches the passenger’s route along with other riders in the van. The company’s mission is to support reducing traffic volumes in urban areas.


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