For Today: Canada bringing out ZEV policy in 2018, Two significant events coming up

Canada adopting ZEV policy: Canada will be developing a national policy supporting more adoption of zero emission vehicles for release next year. The ministries of Transport and Innovation, Science and Economic Development will work with provincial and territorial partners, industry, and stakeholders, to promote sales and infrastructure for battery electric, plug-in hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. An Advisory Group has been set up to explore five key barriers for greater adoption of these vehicles: vehicle supply, cost and benefits of ownership, infrastructure readiness, public awareness, and clean growth and clean jobs. The national government has been funding more charging stations and alternative fuel gas stations including hydrogen and natural gas.

Resolving differing fuel economy policies:  Six U.S. senators introduced legislation Friday to bring consistency to the practice of transferring fleetwide credits earned under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency emissions programs. It’s been asked for by automakers since last year, but is finding opposition from environmental and consumer advocacy groups concerned it weaken federal emission standards. The Fuel Economy Harmonization Act is aimed at correcting statutory differences between the programs related to the expiration date, amount and type of credits manufacturers can earn in one model year and apply to another. Regulators would also be called upon to harmonize other aspects of their programs.

Nissan selling stake in AESC:  Nissan is close to selling its stake in battery supplier AESC (Automotive Energy Supply Corp.), which has supplied battery cells and modules to the Nissan Leaf, e-NV200, and a few Renault models. The Japanese automaker has owned a 51% stake and NEC Corp. the remaining 49%.  Nissan will be selling its stake to Chinese private equity firm GSR Capital for $1 billion in a deal expected to be signed within two weeks.

Two events to watch for: EV Roadmap 10 and ITEC2017
The EV Roadmap Conference brings together stakeholders from utilities, local governments, vehicle manufacturers, charging providers, interest groups, and drivers to explore emerging trends, share best practices, and map the road ahead. Produced by Forth (formerly Drive Oregon), the event will take place June 20-21 in Portland, Ore. Attendees will explore widespread electric vehicle adoption and the supportive ecosystem needed for it to succeed.

ITEC2017 is aimed at helping the industry in the transition from conventional vehicles to advanced electrified vehicles. IEEE’s Transportation Electrification Conference & Expo will be held June 22-24 in Chicago. The conference is focused on components, systems, standards, and grid interface technologies, related to efficient power conversion for all types of electrified transportation, including electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles; as well as heavy-duty, rail, and off-road vehicles and airplanes and ships.

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