Reader Survey: What do you think it will take to move green vehicles forward?

Volt driving up mountainIf you’ve been on a conference call with stakeholders, or had a coffee at Starbucks with a few of them, questions always come up:

  • What will it take to grow sales of electric vehicles, natural gas vehicles, and other alternative fuels and vehicles?
  • Where is the charging and fueling infrastructure going?
  • How do you deal with misinformation being thrown out over the internet on alternative fuels and vehicles?
  • Are government incentives going away?
  • How do you educate regulators (and voters and consumers) on what it really takes for these technologies to work in the marketplace?
  • How are automakers going to comply with stringent fuel economy and emissions standards?
  • How many years away are we from advanced batteries, fuels, and technologies becoming more economically viable?

Green Auto Market is featuring its first reader survey with the goal of making the newsletter more reader friendly. The survey questions are also designed around gaining insights on your ideas and experience in what it’s going to take for alternative fuel vehicles and clean transportation to move forward in sales, public support, and the regulatory and economic environment.

When you click on the survey link, you’ll find five questions asking for your input on:  topics of interest; issues that need to be addressed to gain more purchasing interest; the importance of stakeholder groups in shaping the industry’s future; related topics you’d like read more about such as renewable energy and futuristic, advanced technologies; and marketing and education methods that you think would be most effective in promoting support for purchasing decisions and public perception.

Results from this survey will be presented soon in an upcoming issue of the newsletter. Your privacy will be respected – survey respondents will not be revealed in coverage of the survey results. Readers of Green Auto Market tend to be active in the new and growing industry – your feedback would be much appreciated. Click here to take the survey.

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