Green Auto Market switching from weekly to daily newsletter


Starting tomorrow, Green Auto Market will be emailed out to readers daily. News coverage will be shared along with a central topic for the day significant in clean transportation.

The newsletter had originally been published monthly, and went weekly in the summer of 2013 once the website was launched.

As media colleagues have suggested, going daily is necessary. Daily content is needed to stay current and informed on the issues – and to stay relevant with readers.

The challenge for media sources, and for those receiving the information, is to not be consumed with information overload these days. We’re receiving a high volume of emails, newsletters, pings on our smartphones, and aggregated newsfeeds from Google, Amazon, Apple, and specialized sources.

The good news is that we have a lot more options to customize our interests and news sources. That helps readers stay informed and use their time well.

Green Auto Market will have news summaries and a focal point for the day:

  • Vehicle Launches & Demonstrations
  • Clean Fuels & Energy
  • Regulatory Climate
  • Fueling Infrastructure
  • Mobility & Innovation

Coverage will also explore critical developments in key global markets outside North America, including Europe, China, Japan, Korea, and India. Automakers, fuel and energy producers, technology companies, and policymakers, continue to see their approach shaped by economic globalization, trade agreements, corporate merges and joint ventures, and technology advancements shared across borders.

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The subscriber edition, Green Auto Market – Extended Edition, will continue to be published. It will go out at two-times-per week intervals. It provides readers with news analysis and market data trends covering hybrid and electric vehicle sales, fuel prices, regulatory issues, global market developments, and other topics. Those interested can subscribe here.

You can also follow Twitter and Facebook pages.

Thanks for being part of the readership.

Jon LeSage
Editor and Publisher
Green Auto Market

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