Green Auto Market Extended Edition test drives Tesla Model S P85D and offers market data analysis

Tesla store in Santa MonicaGreen Auto Market is changing its format this week, adding another weekly publication that goes out on Mondays – Green Auto Market Extended Edition. The former monthly subscription publication is going weekly, featuring a commentary and at least one market data analysis section (with this week focused on hybrid and electric vehicle sales). Green Auto Market will continue to be a free weekly newsletter sent out on Tuesdays, but will be a brief newsletter with more in-depth coverage and analysis presented in Extended Edition.

This week’s Extended Edition presented readers with “Test driving a Model S P85D while experiencing what’s unique about Tesla Motors’ marketing tactics” – If you’re interested in driving a Tesla Model S – especially if you really want to try out the “Insane Mode” and go from zero to 60 mph in 3.2 seconds – then you’ll need to schedule an appointment at a nearby Tesla store. Tesla will not be participating at a ride and drive during an upcoming auto show or industry conference. Just like its Supercharger fast charger stations, Tesla Motors does everything its own way – and keeps things very interesting. Here’s what it’s like to visit a store and take the Model S P85D for a road trip.

Other features for this month include hybrid and plug-in electric vehicle sales charts and market trend analysis. In the next few weeks, a stock market chart will be featured on major clean transportation companies and suppliers; fuel prices; charging and alternative fueling infrastructure; and other important data metrics on what’s next for advanced vehicle technologies and alternative fuels.

Green Auto Market Extended Edition is available for $75 per year; subscribers can register on this PayPal page. Comp subscriptions are available for media and industry associations; contact Editor Jon LeSage for that request.

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