For Today: Alphabet investing in Lyft, Greenkraft receives CARB certification

Alphabet investing in Lyft:  Ride-hailing firm Lyft may be gaining $1 billion in a funding round organized by CapitalG, an investment arm within Alphabet, Google’s parent company. Alphabet’s self-driving driving division, Waymo, created an alliance with Lyft earlier this year on an autonomous vehicle project. Another funding division within Alphabet in 2013 made a $250 million investment in Lyft’s competitor, Uber. That ended badly after Uber entered the world of testing self-driving cars, with a major lawsuit coming from Waymo for allegations of intellectual property theft by Uber. The CapitalG funding round isn’t closed yet. One part of the agreement would be having CapitalG partner David Lawee join Lyft’s board.

UQM and Lightning Systems alliance:  UQM Technologies, Inc. announced that it will collaborate with Lightning Systems to support Ford Transit concept vehicles for Lightning Systems’ beta programs through Ford’s Advanced Fuel Qualified Vehicle Modifier (eQVM). Lightning Systems is already in production with hydraulic hybrid applications, and is in the process of expanding its customer offerings to electric vehicles. This early production program supports the initial vehicles that are expected to be delivered to customers during the first quarter of 2018. “This relationship will allow us to provide leading edge technology that will exceed our customers’ expectations for high quality and cost-effective zero emissions vehicles,” said Tim Reeser, President and CEO of Lightning Systems.

Greenkraft receives CARB certification:  Greenkraft Inc. announced that its 8L V8 gasoline, compressed natural gas (CNG), and propane autogas (LPG) fuel-injected engine received new certification from the California Air Resources Board’s On-Road New Vehicle and Engine Certification Program. The company’s 8L V8 fuel-injected engine achieved a NOx emission value less than 0.02 g/bhp-hr, which meets the optional near-zero NOx level set by CARB, on three different fuels: LPG, CNG and gasoline. The Greenkraft 8L spark-ignited engine is among the first to be certified at this near-zero NOx level on three different fuels, according to Greenkraft. It’s available as a stand-alone product, or it can be installed ln one of Greenkraft’s 26,000 GVW or 33,000 GVW heavy-duty trucks.