Bye for now from the Editor, and a long list of Elon Musk’s wild ideas

Sorry to say it, but Green Auto Market will be put on hold for now. You may see it — or short variations of it — sent out in the months ahead; but not the semi-regular publishing schedule it’s been on this year; or the regular editions that stared going out to readers in June 2013.

While it was at first completely unexpected during this turbulent year, I’ve started a new job on a new career path. It’s a demanding, good paying, rewarding, full-time job that I started in mid-October. As for now, you get to make a guess on the new job from the following list:
—Editor of a transportation newsletter
—Communications manager at a Cal State university campus
—Public safety dispatcher at a law enforcement agency
—Manager at a Tesla retail store and service shop
—Market analyst at a consulting firm in Orange County

Clean transportation, electric vehicles, alternative fuels, mobility, and autonomous vehicles continue to be fascinating topics. I do look forward to seeing where all of it goes after the election season closes and the new year begins.

I appreciate your reader feedback and interest in the subject matter — and for those of you’ve who’ve done lengthy interviews with me and contributed guest columns. Thank you for your contributions; and thanks so much for opening and reading many, many issues of this newsletter.

I expect I’ll continue writing on this subject matter, as it is so fascinating and covers a wide spectrum of topics and critical issues.

I will be putting out a newsletter. I will be writing and publishing NEWSLETTER!!! when I have time do so. Click here to see the first version of it (actually the first since 2004) that will cover topics such as my favorite conspiracy theories and where housing is headed as we continue through Covid-19.

Story idea: Elon Musk’s big ideas and where they stand today
Writing about Tesla and chief Elon Musk has taken up quite a lot of my time over the past decade-plus, but I’ve gotten a big kick out of it. Here’s my latest idea for a story, though I’ve run out of time to do the research and writing. It’s yours if you want to pursue the project. Here’s what I see as the subject matter……..

  1. Underground transit tunnel beneath Los Angeles
  2. Virgin Hyper-loop
  3. Electric heavy-duty truck
  4. Super batteries and components of the future
  5. High-speed charging networks
  6. Tesla Energy battery storage accomplishments and offerings
  7. Upcoming Tesla vehicle launches
  8. What’s up with SpaceX
  9. The company’s autonomous driving technology
  10. Owners of autonomous Teslas renting out their vehicles for side income
  11. How SolarCity is doing
  12. New York solar cell factory with Panasonic (which seemed to end earlier this year)
  13. Gigafactory in Nevada and the next wave of batteries and vehicles production in Austin, Texas, Germany, China, and elsewhere.
  14. Taking another shot at having another significant other — and having more kids.
  15. Doing his part in keeping Tesla stock performing well — even though profitable quarters continue to elude the company and we’re in the middle of Covid-19.
  16. Tesla and SpaceX being a great place for young upstarts to gain great professional experience, but you wouldn’t want to stay there for very long and put up with Musk’s intensity and work-hour expectations; and the same being true for the company’s factory workers looking to make a good living.
  17. Did I miss anything?

Best regards,

Jon LeSage
Editor and Publisher

2 thoughts on “Bye for now from the Editor, and a long list of Elon Musk’s wild ideas”

  1. Please tell me it is not a transportation newsletter!!! 🙂

    Best wishes for every success in your new endeavor – please keep in touch.

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