Green Auto Market explores the business of alternative fuel vehicles and clean transportation. It offers news coverage and market analysis on electric vehicle, hybrids, natural gas vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and alternative fuels such as propane autogas, advanced biofuels, and clean diesel. Its readership includes automakers, dealers, fleets, government agencies, associations, and consumers who have much interest in, and passion for, this subject matter. They receive e-newsletters with links to “big picture” news of the week, profiles of stakeholders in the industry, upcoming conferences and events, and political, social, and economic issues shaping the industry. Readers who are interested in buying green, alternative fuel vehicles – and the necessary charging and alternative fueling systems – gain insight through these newsletter articles. They also have access to information products and links to affiliates providing services to the market.

Green Auto Market tracks government regulations and incentives; sales figures for hybrids and electric vehicles; resale values and remarketing; marketing campaigns; charging and fueling infrastructures; fuel and energy prices; green vehicle investor trends; and developments shaping what’s next in markets around the world. Environmental concerns, reducing oil imports, tailpipe and greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel economy standards, are important factors to consider. In the end, it will take car shopper tastes, public support, investment opportunities, job growth, affordable windshield sticker prices, and convenience and accessibility of the charging and fueling infrastructure for all of this to take hold.

Green Auto Market is digging into these market forces and offers a “real world” view of what’s happening, along with events and developments shaping the future of the industry. Green Auto Market’s editor and publisher is Jon LeSage. LeSage also serves as Owner of LeSage Consulting, which provides education services, content, and market research/intelligence services to stakeholders in alternative fuel vehicles and clean transportation. The Green Auto Market website and newsletter is connected with Automotive Digest, which is a comprehensive automotive information resource.

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