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  1. hello, my name’s andrea maggiolini and i’m an italian student of Psychology of marketing. i’m doing my thesis about the green marketing in the automotive field, so i would like to ask you if you had written some articles about this or about the comunication used by the car companies in the field of green marketing. thanks for your attention.
    best regards
    Andrea maggiolini

  2. Hello,
    I am writing in regards to information on technician training programs, specifically in relation to training in alternative fuels , hybrid drive vehicles, and full electric drive vehicles.
    I currently work as a automotive technician at an automotive dealer in Ithaca, New York, I have participated in all web based and leader led courses for two car lines and meet all requirements except tenure for master status for both car lines that I currently specialize in, I am an A.S.E. certified master technician, I am also hybrid certified through NAPA and in both car lines I currently specialize in, I have worked in the automotive industry as an automotive technician for ten years.
    My goal is to specialize in green technology vehicles, I would be interested in any information regarding scholarships or grants that may apply for my current situation, as well as any other information on formal training that you may have. I will look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you for your time

  3. Hi Jon,

    Chuck Parker thought you might be interested in speaking with Delta Products Corporation at CES, so I wanted to reach out and touch base with you.

    In case you’re not familiar with Delta, they help consumers and businesses achieve a smarter, greener lifestyle through its full suite of energy-saving technology solutions, several of which will be demoed or unveiled at CES 2015.

    Delta will be showcasing the latest in electric vehicle charging technology, as well as new releases in their Innergie and Vivitek consumer product lines: high-end eco-conscious digital projectors, interactive whiteboards, portable device chargers, Energy Star-qualified ventilation systems, and more.  

    Visitors to the Delta booth at CES will receive a first-hand experience of how Delta’s products help consumers incorporate a smart, green lifestyle into all areas of their lives, from the classroom to the boardroom, and from the living room to the driveway.    

    Delta will showcase its products at the Delta/Innergie/Vivitek booth located in South Hall, #21036. Is there a time that would work best for you for a briefing with the team at the show? I’d love to set up a time for you to meet with the team on Tuesday, January 6, when Delta’s Chairman Yancey Hai will be in town.  


    Nate Tolley • Airfoil
    P: (650) 691-7314 • F: (650) 691-7301
    Connect with Airfoil: Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter

  4. John,

    I wonder if you have a view on hydrocarbon refrigerants for automotive air conditioning?

  5. Dear Jon,

    Hi! My name is Paul Neuhausen and I am the Project Manager on the Hyperloop Route Optimization Team; a team of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). Together with my CEO Dirk Ahlborn, I welcome any and all support that we can embrace from the Clean Cities project in regard to EV planning and infrastructure for emerging markets. Also, as a member of the Electric Auto Association since 2012 I am glad to meet a kindred spirit.

    Let me know how we can work together…


  6. Jon;
    Great idea,and sorely needed,but tell me how Fleet managers will stop to listen to unfamiliar NEW technologies.
    Most still follow near out-dated methodologies to maintain assets,based on what a dealer recommends,(OK ,OEM’s do not recommend practices,which they did not, will not , appraise ),and from technicians trained only in their company disciplines on those same OEM vehicles, and resultant new ideas/techniques do not receive valuable time/consideration from maintenance managers.
    They might , thru this vehicle,and your expertise,and therefore that is your “mandate to serve them”.
    My company ,Vehicle Maintenance Technologies ,specializes in reducing maintenance costs dramatically,and without any warranty considerations.
    All the Best, Big Al B

  7. Exciting news regarding recent developments in Diesel Water Emulsions or DWE. Fierce Fuel Systems has developed an engineered solution for the historical problems that restricted it’s use to 24/7 operation and higher emulsion costs. The on board mini refinery eliminates the need for infrastructure and creates micro batches of fuel as required using 1/20th of the emulsifier normally used. Start ups and shut downs purge the DWE from the engine and fuel rail, providing the system with virgin diesel for shut down and start up procedures. Diesel Water Emulsions is the only technology that reduced NOx by up to 55%, particulate matter by 80% and the aromatic spectrum of emissions by over 80% without any exhaust emission technology such as DPF or SCR technologies.

  8. Hi!

    My name is Kendra, I work at – we create innovative marketing videos that fit your price points. No more endless pages of boring web content – replace all that with a play button, and give your clients a perfect sales pitch, every time.

    Our videos are proven to drive sales growth, and keep clients on your web page long enough to explain your business to them.

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    Have a wonderful day!

  9. Hi Jon,
    I sent in comments earlier this week on the latest newsletter article on what was needed to advance PEVs, but notice it is still awaiting moderation. Just wanted to mention it.
    Hope all is well.
    Joel Pointon

  10. Hi Jon,
    every interesting page, many thanks for all the great articles.
    I am a German student doing research on green consumerism, focusing especially on barriers for purchasing green cars.
    I am wondering if you have up-to-date information about sales numbers of green cars and non-green cars that have been sold in the last years. How big is the market share of green cars?
    I am happy to share my research results with you as soon as I am done (April 2017).
    Many thanks and best wishes,

    • Hi Georgia, the best place to look is HybridCar’s monthly Dashboard report on U.S. sales. You can view the December numbers for hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and battery electric vehicles and see how the compared to 2015, and to the month before. You can see the reports here:

  11. Hi Jon,

    The price of hydrogen compared to petrol/diesel and electricity is probably a major factor holding back the FCV market.

    I thought you might be interested to hear about a small British company, Powerhouse Energy, that has designed an ultra-high temperature gasifyer that can gasify virtually any organic waste with no toxic emissions.
    This is a small gasifier with a throughput of 25 tonnes of waste material per day, designed for locating where the waste is which is usually also where the demand for energy is.

    When gasifying end of life plastics and tyre’s the unit can produce a syngas that is hydrogen rich, this hydrogen is easily separated and cleaned for use in FCV’s with the remaining syngas being put through a gas gen-set to produce low carbon electricity.
    The latest figures from the company are that one G3 gasifying 25 tonnes of plastic per day will produce 1 tonne of hydrogen and up to 72MWh of electricity.
    An important fact is that here in the UK hydrogen is being sold at £10+/kg which is twice the price of diesel for a similar 60 miles range, Powerhouse Energy have stated that they will be able to sell their hydrogen at £5/kg, half the existing price, this will be of particular interest to haulage and bus companies who are under big pressure in Europe to clean up their act.

    And of course the G3 also provides a great economic solution to the waste plastic problem

    One tonne of hydrogen would fuel 200 FCV’s with a range of 300 miles each and fully charge around 680 Tesla Model ‘S’ cars , again with a range of 300 miles, this would displace about 4,400 imperial gallons of dirty diesel.



    • Sorry about that, the last paragraph should say ….and the 72MWh’s would also fully charge 680 Tesla Model ‘S’ cars….


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